From Lace to Leather - A List of Trendy Chokers

March 14, 2017

From Lace to Leather - A List of Trendy Chokers

Versatile and easy to wear, the choker can be an alluring ornate or modest feminine accessory for day and night that no one can miss. Chokers- a close fitting necklace sitting high on the neck, comes with so many varieties this time around you'll be glad it has returned again. In the 1970's it was a plain velvet band about a half an inch thick- same with the 1990's. This go-round comes with new twists and artistry that will keep you craving for more and more. No matter if its a flowy dress, a low-cut top,  a romantic gown, sexy jeans, or simple t-shirt chokers can flatter any look.

Chokers have a magical way of framing the face by attracting attention to the neck which is quite sexy or edgy depending on the look your going for. All-in-all chokers are appealing even for the simplest of looks. For a more toned down look match the color of your choker to the rest of your outfit. Make it monochromatic—so if you’re wearing an all-white, all-black, or all-navy look, pair it with a choker of the same hue. To pull off the choker in the office try a version accentuated with lace or pearls. After dark, opt for a bejeweled choker with rhinestones or crystals. Make it the feature of your outfit whether it is denim, lace, leather or velvet get in your element and make your mark.

Sit back, sip on some tea and enjoy these select new styles that are sure to leave you feeling first-class and privileged the moment you slip one on. Chokers can purchased @ Get $5 off of $25 using code DIPX.







Gothic Choker Necklace


Crochet Choker Neckalce


Denim Choker Necklace


Suede Choker Necklace


Metal Choker Necklace


Boho Bohemina Choker Necklace


Leather Choker Necklace

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